The entire environment of the Valley is characterized by huts, join together by a net of paths that today can be cross quietly by every kind of hiker. Those who like sports can choose among many kinds of activities: up to Zoncolan the ski slopes during the winter and the wonderful tracks for cyclists in the summer, to the Laghetti di Timau  tracks for cross country skier and for nordic walking, hiking and climbing in high mountain. A sad recent history of Paluzza recall the two Word War. From the First World War you can see the trenches in high mountain that are an important point of the “Crossing Carnia region” that cross the mountain ridge in which the memory you can see to the Museum of Great War in Timau.


Our Alms

Discovering our alms joined together by beautiful routes that cross through the close Carinzia region.

Avostanis Lake

The glacial lake is standing above an outdoor limestone gym of most beautiful Carnia chain mountain.

But Creek

The But Creek crosses through our villages where it is possible to go fishing.


Mountain bike

The Carnic Alps offers to bicycles lovers many trails with wonderful landscape.

Walks and excursions

Trails and trekking paths in a natural enviroment.


For enthusiast climbing there is also an indoor structure to improve technically, to train and have fun.


Discovering natural landscapes riding a horse.

Adventure Park

Dolomiti Adventure Park in Forni di Sopra is the largest adventure Park of the region and even very safe.

Downhill skiing and cross country skiing

Structures suitable for each sport, even for the most demanding guests.


Museum of the Great War

Il Museo testimonia le drammatiche vicende che videro la Carnia fronte della Prima Guerra Mondiale.

Moscarda Tower

La Torre Moscarda è ciò che rimane di un sistema difensivo composto da due torri con funzione di controllo e dogana.


The sawmill was bought from Englaro Family on March 1900 and it worked until middle 80 years.

Tempio Ossario

Was built in 1936 in order to collect all bodies spread around in the little war cemeteries of the Carnia region.

Carnic Porters

During the festivities of 150th anniversary of Unity of Italy the work was declared a national monument.

Historical buildings

The territory of But valley is spread by constructions linked to the real needs of live and work.