Our Alms

For a true, authentic and genuine vacation in contact with nature, tied to knowledges and ancient flavors, do not miss you alm experience. Our alms are open during the summer from June to September, with the chance to taste genuine products and overnight stay.

Our Alms

Lavareit Alm
The Casera Lavareit, has been build close to the Monte Terzo in a particular position from which you can admire a panoramic view of all over the mountains. It is possible to see also theMuseum of the Pal Piccolo, one of the important mountain of the war of “Carnia ” during the First Word War.
The main structure and the stable has been completely renewed and during the summer offers refreshment services and overnight lodging.

For more information: www.malgefvg.it

Pramosio Alm
The Casera Pramosio represents one of the most panoramic and beautiful places of the But Valley.
The track is developing along the forest street that cross the Pramosio forest, one of the incontaminated of the region. From Malga Pramosio you can keep and going up until high Casera Pramosio  where you can admire the suggestive glacial Lake Avostanis.

For more details: www.malghefvg.it

Plotta Alm
The Casera Plotta rises in the high part of deep valley of Rio Collina. The structure, completely renewed, has been transformed in a shelter even if it is normally available just a little room equipped with a kitchen. The path start through a forest route from the first bends of the street which leads to Plocken Pass .

For more details: www.sentierinatura.it