Spread Hotel "La Marmote"

The Spread Hotel "La Marmote" in Paluzza, provides guests with twenty-two apartments created from the renovation and adaptation of existing dwellings and almost always unused, often due to the emigration that followed the earthquake that occuyrred in 1976, and will appeal to those guests / customers who love to travel and discover new places but looking also for the form of hospitality that makes them feel in tune with local traditions allowing them to immerse themselves in the real life of the country, in touch with resident people.


The linchpin of the organization is the reception which is located right in the center of Paluzza at walking distance to all the basic amenities.
At the reception, guests can find, in addition to the normal hotel-like service, all informations about the characteristics of the area that can provide a tourist office and activities sports (ski on Mount Zoncolan and summer excursions on foot or by bicycle) and relaxation that you can practice. Unique experience of relaxation in the heart of the Carnic Alps.

Ristorante Diffuso

The apartments have fully equipped kitchens that guests can use freely, but you can also choose the option of half board or full board, consuming meals in restaurants around the village and surronding villages. Same for breakfast, it can be prepared in your own apartment, or you may receive it directly to your accommodation or, finally, can be eaten in local bars and hotels.

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"Gnocchi e balocchi"

Paluzza, 10 luglio 2017

Manifestazione dedicata ai sapori e ai mestieri della Carnia.

"A new way to experience the holiday"

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