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The Spread Hotel "La Marmote" in Paluzza, provides guests with twenty-two apartments. Appeal to those guests / customers who love to travel and discover new places but looking also for the form of hospitality that makes them feel in tune with local traditions allowing them to immerse themselves in the real life of the country, in touch with resident people

Our properties

White Week January 2018

dal 01.01.2018 al 31.01.2018

Vacations at our hotel are designed to satisfy needs for every family for relaxing and enjoyable stay both for adults and for ch...

Valentine Day 2018

dal 10.02.2018 al 18.02.2018

Valentine offer valid for week-ends before and after Feb. 14th. Dedicate to couples seeking special emotions.

"Gnocchi & balocchi"

Paluzza, 9 July 2017

Event dedicated to flavors and crafts of Carnia.

La Marmote

Albergo Diffuso Paluzza

Via Roma, 40 - 33026 Paluzza (UD) Italia

From Monday to Saturday: 09.00 - 12.00 e 14.00 - 18.00

PHONE (+39) 0433 786068
FAX (+39) 0433 781025
EMAIL info@albergodiffusopaluzza.it


Comune di Paluzza
Turismo FVG
Terra dei Patriarchi
Unione Sportiva Aldo Moro
Banca di Carnia e Gemonese
APS Friul Trek & Trout
Carnia Rent Bike