Useful information

Useful informations for arrival in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Please plan your arrival between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. and leave the property at the end of the stay by 10:00 a.m., this will allow our staff to ensure a thorough cleaning of the apartment between a customer and another. We are sure that you will be pleased to find the apartment in perfect order upon your arrival, this will be possible thanks to the collaboration of the customer who left before you arrive.
If you wish to leave after 10:00 a.m., please contact the reception to check the ability to meet your needs, depending on availability, at cost of 25.00 € to leave up to 3:00 p.m., or 50.00 € to leave at 6:00 p.m. . If this will not be possible the reception staff will be happy to store your luggage until time of departure.

It is highly recommended NOT to input into your navigation system GPS coordinates or address of the apartment of your choice because in this case you will not find anyone to greet you on arrival. All check-in operations and registration must be made at the Reception of The Albergo Diffuso "La Marmote" located in Via Roma, 40 in Paluzza (tel. 0433/786068 - 347/0837895info@albergodiffusopaluzza.itLat. 46.52796 , long. 13.014999) where you'll find a manager who will make the check-in and will accompany you to the accommodation in order to show operations of facilities, appliances and lights. He will also give you all the necessary informations for a hassle free stay. Many other informations are contained in the Handbook  which you will find inside the apartment, where you will also find all useful phone numbers for any need or emergency.

When you make your reservation, please do not forget to state the exact number of guests (adults and children, noting the age of the latter) who will be staying into the apartments. For security reasons and by law the total number of guests cannot exceed the one shown on our web site for each property.
Please remember that, by law, all occupants, including children, will have to provide a valid I.D. card on the basis of Article 35 paragraph 2 dpr n ° 445 of 28 December 2000 which lists all the documents equivalent to the identity card: passport, driving license, boat license, pension card. In the absence of a valid document we are not allowed to proceed with registration and provide apartment keys (art.109 PS Act as amended by Article 7 paragraph 2 of the L.203 / 95)For the same reason it is not allowed to access other people inside the housing at any time without being registered. Any violation will be reported to the Authorities (Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza) with the consequence of the immediate release of the property.
Each incoming customer will receive a form to declare their personal details to fill in and sign (PS Act as amended: article 7 4 of the L.203 / 95), as well as the declaration for the processing of personal data (Law on the protection of personal data otherwise known as the Privacy Law).
• The minimum age for renting an apartment is 18 years.
• Minors not accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult must present a photocopy of parents' I.D. as well as their signed authorization.

You can pay the bill of your stay in cash (up to the maximum limit of 999,00 Euro) or by ATM and credit cards Visa and MasterCard. Sorry, foreign cheques are NOT accepted.

All apartments are equipped with linens and towels that normally are changed every 3/4 days. If you want a change of linens more frequently please notify our staff at time of booking; the additional charge for this service is 5,00 Euro.
Initial and final cleanings are included into the rental rate, as well as intermediate cleanings every 3/4 days. Should you want to change the frequency of cleaning (for example if you don't want anyone to get into the apartment in your absence if you have left in your pet) you can agree with the reception different ways to get replacement linens.

Pets are welcome at the reception and in most apartments. For hygienic reasons and for possible allergies of other customers, pets are allowed only into apartments specifically provided to accommodate them.
To check if your pet can stay with you, you can visit each apartment page on our website or ask the Reception.

Initial and final cleanings are included into the rental rate. Just, please, take note that cleaning operations of kitchen equipment and furnishings are pertaining to the guest. Upon departure, please kindly check if all kitchen amenities are going to be left in the same conditions as they were upon your arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.

All our apartments are fully equipped with kitchen facilities which you can freely use. If you want to find in the home some food supplies when you arrive, we will be happy to go shopping on your behalf. In this case, please send us your shopping list at least 5 days before your arrival by email to The bill must be refunded in cash at time of check-in. The cost of this service is 5.00 €.

Should there be impediments to occupy the reserved accommodation due to difficulties with transportation, errors or other personal reasons, there is no partial refund for early departures or late arrival.

Smoking is NOT allowed in all properties, as well as the Reception.

The customer agrees to respect the locals and items contained into them. Any damage made voluntary to the building and furnishings, but also attributable to inexperience or distraction, will be charged at the cost of restoration. All guests are required to read the Internal Regulations of the Albergo Diffuso La Marmote contained in the Handbook  located in each property.

Good holiday!

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