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Try to imagine a hotel in the shape of a village, such as resorts sprung up in the eighties that had the characteristic to offer the guests the feeling of not being in a hotel but in a real village. Now take a step further and imagine that the country in which you'd like to spend a few days off is itself the hotel that welcomes you with its inhabitants who will make you live the experience of being a village resident, not just a customer. A new way to enjoy your holiday.

The spread hotel "La marmote" in Paluzza, the village which was the birthplace and home to large samples of sport, from athletics to skiing, provides guests with twenty-two apartments created from the renovation and adaptation of existing dwellings and turns to those guests / customers who love to travel and discover new places but looking for the form of hospitality that makes them feel in tune with local traditions to plunge into the real life of the village.

Our guests can choose among rooms of all kinds to suit every type of customer, from the sporty couple, to the romantic, from families with young children up to the large group of athletes who take pleasure in skiing on Monte Zoncolan, just few minutes far from the village, or walkers who want to retrace the paths of the front in the Great War between huts and shelters of which is dotted throughout the valley.

The apartments have fully equipped kitchens that guests can use freely, but you can also choose the option of half board or full board, consuming meals in restaurants around the village and surronding villages. Same for breakfast, it can be prepared in your own apartment, or you may receive it directly to your accommodation or, finally, can be eaten in local bars and hotels.

The motto of the Spread Hotel La Marmote is "Total freedom for our guests".

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