What's better for the kids, but also for their parents, spending a few days in the mountains in the company of his grandfather and grandmother? Only the grandparents have the patience to explain the children the good things in nature and this offers the opportunity to experience them together.

Price and package validity

Period: 7 overnight stay

People: 2

Price: 359,00 €

Offer for 2 night: 235,00€

Package features

Offer includes:
- overnight stay with breakfast at a bar, which is beloved by the kids much more than breakfast at home
- walk with ponies of the Educational Farm in Cleulis
- educational workshop to learn what you can do with the products of nature
- walk with donkeys
- Lunch at the Farm "al Borg" with a typical menu, which is different time by time because it depends on what the nature has to offer that specific day

For each additional child: 50,00€

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